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The Cuisine of Indonesia

Pictured above; An Indonesian temple


Indonesia, an independent nation with a 90% Muslim population. consists of about 13,000 islands that stretch from west to east along the equator, from the island of Sumatra, directly south of Thailand, to Irian Jaya, just north of Australia. Indonesian cuisine reflects the vast variety of people that live on these islands and has influences from the many nations that came to Indonesia to trade with its people for centauries. 

The main meal in Indonesia is usually served at midday. Food which was cooked in the morning is set out all at once. Starting with the eldest the family help themselves to the feast, serving with a spoon and eating with right hands. Most meals are built around a cone-shaped pile of the long-grain, highly polished rice. A meal may include a soup, salad, and another main dish. Whatever the meal, it is accompanied by at least one, and often several relishes that are called Sambals. 

Indonesia like most Asian country's use lots of rice with their cooking, The difference with Indonesia is they like to flavor their rice, often with coconut milk, an ingredient used in much Indonesian cooking. other ingredients include coriander, pepper, and garlic. turmeric, cassia, bay leaf, anise, ghee, ginger, tamarind, galangal, cardamom, lemon grass, scallion, shallots, peanuts, dried anchovies, and prawns. 

The most popular dishes that originated in Indonesia are common across most of Asia, with satay's, Beef Rendang and Sambal's favoured in Malaysia and Singapore. Other dishes that originated in Indonesia are Gado Gado, a Vegetable dish with spicy sauce and Ikan Pangang a broiled fish in a spicy marinade. Being an island nation you are guaranteed to find all sorts of seafood on the menu of most meals.

Feature Ingredients
Coconut Milk
Lemon Grass
Feature Recipes
Indonesian Fried Rice
Sweet Chilli Sambal Kecap
Beef Rendang
Bali Sate
Gado Gado
Spicy Seafood & Beef Rice
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Quick Facts
Peanuts develop under ground in a woody pod, usually with two seeds to a pod.
It is the seed inside the Pod that is edible.


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