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The Cuisine of Laos

Pictured above; A city in laos


The Capital of the small country of Laos is Vientiane, it sits across the Mekong River from Thailand, so its not surprising that Laotian Cuisine has a lot of similarities to Thai food. Another big influence to Laos cuisine came after a history of French rule, with the French bringing their French breads and pastries to the country. 

Rice is the foundation for all Lao meals, and almost all dishes are cooked with fresh ingredients such as vegetables, freshwater fish, poultry, duck, pork, beef or water buffalo.

Lime juice, lemon grass and fresh coriander give the food its characteristic tang, and various fermented fish concoctions are used to salt the food. Hot chilies, garlic, mint, ground peanuts, tamarind juice, ginger and coconut milk are also often used just like in Thai cuisine.

Dishes are often served alongside a plate of lettuce, mint, coriander, mung-bean sprouts, lime wedges or basil in perhaps one of the first forms of the salad bar, diners then create their own lettuce-wrapped hors-douves to accompany the Meal.

Lets get cooking
Laotian Recipes

Feature Ingredients
Coconut Milk
Palm Sugar
Feature Recipes
Lao Chicken Soup
Kay Patkhin Chicken
Tom Som Pa
Chicken in a clay pot
Mild Coconut Tofu Curry
5 Veg Stir Fry
Khao Poon Nam Phik
Quick Facts
The white meaty flesh of the coconut is used to produce coconut milk, not the liquid inside the nut.
The Indonesians claim that coconuts have as many uses as there are days in a year.
The refreshing liquid inside the coconut is used to make the gelatinous dessert Nata de Coco.


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