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Coconut Milk

Pictured above; inside a coconut


Coconut, common name for the fruit of a coconut palm tree that probably originated somewhere in Indo-Malaya but is now widely distributed in tropical regions.

The mature coconut, about 30 cm (about 12 in) long, is oval shaped and has a thick, fibrous outer husk and a hard inner shell. The lining, or kernel, of the inner shell is a white, oily meat. Within the kernel is a
sweet-tasting, milky fluid.

The meat of coconuts is an indispensable ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking, Indonesians claim that coconuts have as many uses as there are days in a year, in fact this is where coconut milk comes from and not from the liquid that is contained in the nut. It is made by soaking the grated flesh of a coconut in hot water or scalded milk, then straining the combination. This produces thick coconut milk, when processed a second time thin coconut milk is produced. Coconut cream develops after the product settles leaving the cream floating to the top.

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Coconut Milk
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Chinese Chopsticks taper to a rounded end, Japanese taper to a pointed end and Korean taper to a blunted end.
Chopsticks are traditionally held in the right hand only, and in East Asia, as in Muslim nations, the left hand is used in the toilet.


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