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The Cuisine of Taiwan

Pictured above; A temple in Taiwan


Taiwanese cuisine originated in the Fukien or Fujian province of southern China. Due to the fact most of Taiwan's immigrants were from this area of China, It became inevitable that Taiwan would adopt the basis of Chinese cuisine as Taiwan's own cuisine. 

The Taiwanese have picked up several pieces of their cuisine from other countries, thanks to Japan's 50 year occupation of Taiwan that ended in 1945, a popular Japanese dish "miso" soup is just as common in Taipei as it is in Tokyo, sushi is also popular. Spices are also popular and probably came from India, a Taiwanese dish that uses spice would generally be reasonably mild.

Taiwanese food, is a simple cuisine which makes the best use of the limited resources in Taiwan. High population and lack of flat grazing land has made the Taiwanese adapt and use the resources they have available. Fish and seafood make up the main source of protein in the Taiwanese diet, while rice is sometimes supplemented with sweet potato or taro roots.

Meals are generally cooked quickly and all at once to conserve energy. although fish is the most popular meat, chicken is also used, with beef, pork and lamb being less popular due to cost. Popular fruits and vegetables include sweet potatoes, pineapple, taro roots, bitter melon, black beans, pickled radishes, peanuts, chilli peppers, parsley, and basil.

Feature Ingredients
Taro Roots
Feature Recipes
Sesame Chicken in Soup
Chicken Congee
Chicken Soup
Egg and Seaweed Soup
Shrimp Balls
Taiwanese Steamed Buns
Taiwanese Spring Onion Pancakes
Quick Facts
Though generally called "root", ginger is actually the rhizome of the monocotyledonous plant Zingiber officinale.
Medical research has shown that ginger root is an effective treatment for nausea.
Young ginger roots have a mild taste. older roots are much hotter.


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