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Pictured above; Shallots


Often called Spring Onions, Shallots are the Common name for a mildly aromatic herb of the lily family and its bulbs, which are used like onions to flavor foods, particularly meats and sauces.

The shallot is a hardy, bulbous perennial that is closely related to onion and garlic. Native to Asia its leaves are short, small, cylindrical, and hollow. The bulbs are small, elongated, and angular and develop in clusters on a common base, much like the garlic plant.

The bulbs are mild in flavor with the leaves also sometimes eaten when green. Some shallot that is marketed extensively as green spring onions is in fact a form of onion. Shallots can go well with fish and in soups.
Peanuts are nutritious and high in energy protein and minerals. The seeds contain 40 to 50 percent oil and 20 to 30 percent protein, and they are an excellent source of B vitamins.

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Quick Facts
Chinese Chopsticks taper to a rounded end, Japanese taper to a pointed end and Korean taper to a blunted end.
Chopsticks are traditionally held in the right hand only, and in East Asia, as in Muslim nations, the left hand is used in the toilet.


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