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The Cuisine of the Philippines

Pictured above; A Philippine Beach


The Philippines consists of 7,107 islands, it is situated at the very edge of South-East Asia, it was both colonized and liberated twice which makes its cuisine as diverse as the different cultural groups that make up the Filipino people.

Traditionally rice is the main food and is often eaten three times a day, also popular due to their massive coastline is fish and seafood. Philippine cuisine has adapted and changed with the arrival of different cultures. Early Filipinos cooked mainly by roasting, steaming or boiling, when the Chinese arrived the Filipinos were introduced to deep and stir frying as well as foods like noodles and soy source, which they loved.

Filipinos generally prefer sour and salty flavors, many foods are prepared with salt, vinegar, soy sauce, ginger, tamarind, mango and guava. When tasting Philippine cooking you will often find hints of Indian, Chinese, Spanish, Arab and American influences, The Spanish introduced many red meat and dairy products to the country but these are rarely used due to the cost of meat.

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Philippine Recipes

Feature Ingredients
Soy Sauce
Feature Recipes
Chicken Lumpia
Lumpia Sauce
Mechado Beef Stew
Mussel Soup
Nilagang Boilied Baka
Ukoy Prawn Patties
Quick Facts
Though generally called "root", ginger is actually the rhizome of the monocotyledonous plant Zingiber officinale.
Medical research has shown that ginger root is an effective treatment for nausea.
Young ginger roots have a mild taste. older roots are much hotter.


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