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Chicken Lumpia (Korean spring roll)

note - you can substitute meat and vegetables for any type.

Heat wok and add a little oil, then cook the chicken mince in batches, with sauces.

Once cooked put aside and lightly stir fry the vegetables.

When all of the ingredients are cooked mix together and allow to cool.

take a spoonful of the mixture and put on wrapper, wrap tight into cigar shaped roll folding in edges.

seal with a wet finger and allow to stand.

Heat wok full of cooking oil and cook spring rolls in small batches until golden brown and serve immediately.

Serve with our lumpia dipping sauce

Feature Ingredients
Soy Sauce
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Chicken Lumpia
Lumpia Sauce
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Quick Facts
The Chili is a member of the Capsicum family and is closely related to the Tomato.
The Chili was unknown in Asia until Europeans introduced it there from Peru and Mexico.


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