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Pictured above; radishes


The radish (Raphanus sativus) is a vegetable of the Cruciferae family.

The edible part, a bulb of white flesh, is the swollen underground stem just above the root (Latin radix; it is a taproot). The skin comes in a variety of colours. Most commonly known is the round, red-skinned variety. Other varieties may have a pink, white or grey-black skin. The black radish is highly prized in France for the céleri rémoulade since it's so good with Dijon mustard. Other varieties have a oblong shape. A large, round yellow-skinned variety has a subtle taste of lemon.

The Japanese giant white radish is called Daikon. It is mild-flavored and is usually called daikon radish in US supermarkets. The most common variety is carrot-shaped, and approximately 8 to 14 inches (200 to 350 mm) long and 2 to 4 inches (50 to 100 mm) in diameter.

The bulb of the radish is usually eaten raw, but tougher specimens can be steamed. The raw flesh has a crisp texture and a peppery flavor. The "sting" of the taste can be removed by peeling off the red skin. Eating too many radishes can cause one to belch.

Radishes range in sizes, in some instances growing to proportions of over 1 kg (2 lb). They are a popular choice for personal cultivation, as they are fairly easy to grow.


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